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Narsapur is famous for lace making which is noted around the globe for more than 100 years. Most of the women who belong to the poor communities are making out their livelihood by this profession.

The export of lace and lace products made in Narsapur, West Godavari, has been an passed on from ancestors Narsapur in Andhra Pradesh has the largest concentration of crochet and lace artisans in the world with over 1 lakh home based women lace makers the largest of such people existing in country to spend their leisure time knitting extraordinary lace in different and excellent designs with the skill they possess.

The laces made in and around Narsapur travel all the way to Europe and the US. The exporters who do regular visits to the top most exporter meets abroad come back with newer ideas, for better and innovative designs in tune with the global market. The craftswomen recreate the designs.Even though there is domestic market for the laces, majority of the revenue for the laces comes from export.

When the men go out to work in the fields, the women would finish their household work and knit for a while for additional source of income and few as a hobby and passion. What started as a hobby attracted business men who understood the potential for Narsapur Lace in the international market.

In 2004, a Crochet Lace Park  with the support of government that in addition to skill training, also tried bringing together various village-level co-operatives, providing a common centre to work and a marketing platform to them.

Over 80 per cent of the lace products are exported to the major markets of USA, Europe and Japan. The range of products exported from the region include home furnishings like table covers, table mats and napkins, cushion covers, bed spread, garments and accessories.

For More detailed Information you can go over the following information how Lace Industry as a whole in india and across the globe is growing and a Small town Narsapur is playing a key role for India in making excellent and professional designs of Lace Products across the globe.




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